A podcast where we try to put media in the Homestuck blender and see what analysis comes out.
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What's this podcast about?

Join Bucky and company as we discuss how Homestuck can help us think about our favorite pieces of media. Why is Katsuki Bakugo the Vriska of My Hero Academia? What would happen if the cast of Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse played SBURB? Is Lawrence from Westworld best represented as a Nakodile? These are the questions we're here to ask and answer.

We also stream fanfiction livereads, fangame lets plays, and casual video gaming. Catch us live on Twitch and find our VODs on YouTube. You can also find the archive of our fic read VODs organized by date on this site.

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Regularly hosted by Bucky Grant. Sound editing by Bucky Grant, Jonaya Riley, Minty Belmont, or otherwise credited in the episode.

Other Hosts in order of appearance:
Minty Belmont, Goldie, Skye/Starshine, Sin/Nix, Moe/Merc, Jonaya Riley, Danni Jaeger, Bradley, Tay, Rif, Momo, and Jett Gray.

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Episode cover photo and editing by Bucky Grant. Our intro and midroll theme music, "Sunbanger," is by @_tittle. Our outro music is by Jojo Funk Mclovin.


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How often are updates?

Will it Homestuck is on hiatus until 2/6/2021.

Once every month, we'll pick a piece of media to watch or read or listen to, and discuss it! We'll talk about the plot, the characters, what we thought, and speculate about the classpects and dreaming moons of the cast. These are our "Part 1" episodes.

During the next episode, we'll discuss what a fansession of SBURB would look like with those characters! We are very invested in half of our episodes just consisting of fanfiction. These are our "Part 2" episodes.

We also have space every other week where we air episodes not produced by Bucky!!

Expect 2-3 WIH episodes every month from Bucky, and more from others!

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How can we support the podcast?

How can we get involved?

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Fic list

Below you can find the upcoming week's fics that we plan on streaming! Catch us every Monday at 7:30 EST / 4:30 PST on our Twitch channel.
Click "Fic Archive" below to be taken to past fics we've streamed, and their replays on Twitch and YouTube.

1/18/2020 Fic List

New Fics!

Two Cool Cats in a ChatStepperOfTheLongEarth1AO3StepperOfTheLongEarth

Ongoing Fics:

Before UsFunkMcLovinCH 3AO3Jojo
Five YearsSylph of BreathCH 5AO3Sylph
Love Letters in Digital InktactfulGnostalgicCH 5AO3WIH
Omelette RoutePochapalCH 6AO3AlexLW
The Custody of Angus McdonaldblueshineCH 8AO3Kit
Plasticine SoulAltUniverseWashCH 16AO3Jonaya
Judgement DaystarcrossedWandererCH 10AO3Minty

top secret pending fics list

This is where I keep the stuff people have suggested, but that we haven't added to the list for a variety of reasons (the suggester asked for several, we didn't have space that week, etc.)


fanfiction livestream replay archive

Click the buttons below to view the fic replay archives. "By Read Date" takes you to the monthly archive pages; "By Theme" takes you to the YouTube playlists. Click the link at the bottom to be taken back to the list of upcoming fics.
This archive is best viewed on a desktop device. Some months may be incomplete due to stream cancellation or technical error.

By read date


August 2020 Livestream Archive


Answers to the question of revolutionTheBitterHedgehogCH 2AO3?TwitchYouTube
The ProgenyarticulatelyComposedCH 2AO3?TwitchYouTube
The MBMBAM ArchivesMiri1984CH 6 & 7AO3KitTwitchYouTube
The Custody of Angus McdonaldblueshineCH 4AO3KitTwitchYouTube
Waves to the OceanSylph_of_BreathCH 3AO3SylphTwitchYouTube
The Neverending Misadventures of Atsuko KageriistarcrossedWandererCH 4AO3MintyTwitchYouTube


A Kind Of Coming Of AgeLaurasaurasCHAO3DanniTwitchYouTube
Answers to the question of revolutionTheBitterHedgehogCH 1AO3?TwitchYouTube
The ProgenyarticulatelyComposedCH 1AO3?TwitchYouTube
The Neverending Misadventures of Atsuko KageriistarcrossedWandererCH 4AO3MintyTwitchYouTube
The MBMBAM ArchivesMiri1984CH 4 & 5AO3KitTwitchYouTube
The Custody of Angus McdonaldblueshineCH 3AO3KitTwitchYouTube


September 2020 Livestream Archive


Never Shall I Ever Fall In Love Clockwork_RosesCH 1AO3?TwitchYouTube
Thirty FeetHowardRCH 1AO3RileyKaiTwitchYouTube
Answers to the question of revolution TheBitterHedgehogCH 3AO3?TwitchYouTube
The ProgenyarticulatelyComposedCH 3AO3?TwitchYouTube
The MBMBAM ArchivesMiri1984CH 10 &11AO3KitTwitchYouTube
The Custody of Angus McdonaldblueshineCH 4AO3KitTwitchYouTube
Waves to the OceanSylphofBreathCH 4AO3SylphTwitchYouTube
Technically Not A MatricidefleeceCH 8AO3WIHTwitchYouTube
Plasticine SoulAltUniverseWashCH 11AO3JonayaTwitchYouTube
Judgement DaystarcrossedWandererCH 7AO3MintyTwitchYouTube


The Heiress's New GroovemercurialHekateCH 2AO3BuckyTwitchYouTube
Never a FrownarachnidstardisCH 10AO3BuckyTwitchYouTube
Badly Described Works of Cinematic FictionAltUniverseWashOne-shotAO3JonayaTwitchYouTube
Caliborn Goes to Art SchoolstarcrossedWandererOne-shotAO3WIHTwitchYouTube
The MBMBAM ArchivesMiri1982CH 8 & 9AO3KitTwitchYouTube
The Neverending Misadventures of Atsuko KageristarcrossedWandererCH 5AO3MintyTwitchYouTube


October 2020 Livestream Archive

10/5/2020 Community Read

A comprehensive step by step guide: how to fall in love over and over againMayorOfCanTownOne-shotAO3?TwitchYouTube
Rosemary FlavorsFunkMcLovinCH 1AO3BuckyTwitchYouTube
Jane Zine PreviewBuckyPreviewTwitter BuckyTwitchYouTube
Jane Zine PreviewJonayaPreviewTwitterJonayaTwitchYouTube
The ProgenyarticulatelyComposedCH 4AO3WIHTwitchYouTube
The MBMBAM ArchivesMiri1984CH 12 & 13AO3WIHTwitchYouTube


November 2020 Livestream Archive


Why Don't Women Have Body Hair? CinomariOne-shotAO3CinomariTwitchYouTube
Caliborn Goes To The DoctorstarcrossedWandererOne-shotAO3WIHTwitchYouTube
The Final Date-stinationkitisgr8CH 2AO3KitTwitchYouTube
Five YearsSylph of BreathCH 2AO3SylphTwitchYouTube
Love Letters in Digital InktactfulGnostalgicCH 2AO3WIHTwitchYouTube
Omelette RoutePochapalCH 4AO3AlexLWTwitchYouTube
The ProgenyarticulatelyComposedCH 8AO3WIHTwitchYouTube
The Custody of Angus Mcdonald blueshineCH 8AO3KitTwitchYouTube
Waves to the OceanSylphofBreathCH 9AO3SylphTwitchYouTube


The Final Date-stination kitisgr8CH 1AO3KitTwitchYouTube
Five Years Sylph of BreathCH 1AO3SylphTwitchYouTube
I Run Away From MyselfAltUniverseWashOne-shotAO3JonayaTwitchYouTube
Love Letters in Digital InktactfulGnostalgicCH 1AO3WIHTwitchYouTube
Omelette RoutePochapalCH 3AO3AlexLWTwitchYouTube
The ProgenyarticulatelyComposedCH 7AO3WIHTwitchYouTube
The Custody of Angus McdonaldblueshineCH 7AO3KitTwitchYouTube
Waves to the OceanSylph_of_BreathCH 8AO3SylphTwitchYouTube
Plasticine SoulAltUniverseWashCH 14AO3JonayaTwitchYouTube
Judgement DaystarcrossedWandererCH 9AO3MintyTwitchYouTube


Carry On My Wayward BoysAltUniverseWash and arachnidstardisOne-shotAO3WIHTwitchYouTube
Plasticine SoulAltUniverseWashCH 13AO3JonayaTwitchYouTube
The Heiress's New Groove MercurialHekateCH 3AO3BuckyTwitchYouTube
ballet for a blood brotherdontrushOne-shotAO3AlexLWTwitchYouTube
The Work of a WitchredoubtableeagleOne-shotAO3AlexLWTwitchYouTube
Omelette RoutePochapalCH 2AO3Alex LWTwitchYouTube
The ProgenyarticulatelyComposedCH 6AO3WIHTwitchYouTube


December 2020 Livestream Archive


Gaud's Grinch x Tony Fix It Ficgaudy_writesCH 1AO3MintyTwitchYouTube
Empty GravesUnprettyPT 1AO3BuckyTwitchYouTube
The Silence In An ExplosionkalixisOne-shotAO3BuckyTwitchYouTube
GoalsMarseliasPT 1AO3RileyKaiTwitchYouTube
Plasticine SoulAltUniverseWashCH 15AO3JonayaTwitchYouTube
Five YearsSylph of BreathCH 3AO3SylphTwitchYouTube
Love Letters in Digital InktactfulGnostalgicCH 3AO3WIHTwitchYouTube
The ProgenyarticulatelyComposedCH 9AO3WIHTwitchYouTube

12/7/2020 Community Stream

Before UsFunkMcLovinCH 1AO3JojoTwitchYouTube
Caliborn Learns to DrivestarcrossedWandererOne-shotAO3WIHTwitchYouTube
Blue GlassMayorOfCanTownOne-shotAO3RileyKaiTwitchYouTube
Cake IngredientsCinomariOne-shotAO3CinomariTwitchYouTube
June Egbert's Titanium Eggshellnuclear333CH 1-3AO3BuckyTwitchYouTube
Rolling FireAltUniverseWashOne-shotAO3JonayaTwitchYouTube
How To Tell If A Girl Used To Be On MySpace, In One Easy StepMoondragon8One-shotAO3MoondragonTwitchYouTube
Your Heart for Mine, Dripping Inky BlackarachnidstardisCH1AO3BuckyTwitchYouTube
Christmas QUESTSylph_of_BreathOne-shotAO3SylphTwitchYouTube


January 2021 Livestream Archive

1/4/2021 Community Stream

The Best Way To Woo Your Crush Is To Defile A Sacred Monument And Make It Look Like You're Stalking ThemMayorOfCanTownOne-shotAO3RileyKaiTwitchYouTube
Gender in High School Be Like:Ashes2AcesOne-shotAO3Stellarium SystemTwitchYouTube
The Cake isn't a Lie. It's Just Wrong. pinnacleofturtle_dick One-shotAO3AlexLWTwitchYouTube
Junepeta drabblesStepperOfTheLongEarthCH 1AO3StepperTwitchYouTube
A Delightful AbattoirAltUniverseWashCH 1AO3JonayaTwitchYouTube
How Do I Tell Someone That Their Voice Makes My Teeth Grind... Politely?RussianBluPt 1AO3EbenTwitchYouTube
a reylo fictreezieOne-shot ;)AO3KitTwitchYouTube
Harmless OfferingClasspectanonOne-shotAO3CeepsTwitchYouTube

1/11/2021 Stream

Gender in College be like:Ashes2AcesN/AAO3Sophia StellariumTwitchYouTube
Comforting CatsStepperOfTheLongEarth1AO3StepperOfTheLongEarthTwitchYouTube
Empty GravesUnprettyPT 2AO3BuckyTwitchYouTube
Before UsFunkMcLovinCH 2AO3JojoTwitchYouTube
The ProgenyarticulatelyComposedCH 10AO3WIHTwitchYouTube
Five YearsSylph of BreathCH 4AO3SylphTwitchYouTube
Love Letters in Digital InktactfulGnostalgicCH 4AO3WIHTwitchYouTube
Omelette RoutePochapalCH 5AO3AlexLWTwitchYouTube